These Intrinsic Robotic Operating Terms of Service (the “Operating Terms”) govern your use of Services that are intended to allow you to deploy robotic applications, services or modules to robotic control hardware you own or license running the Intrinsic control software system image (the “** Robotic Operating Services**”).

The Operating Terms are Additional Terms under the Intrinsic Platform Terms of Service (“Platform Terms” and together with the “Operating Terms” and any other applicable Additional Terms, the “Terms”) and are part of the binding agreement between you and Intrinsic. Capitalized terms used but not otherwise defined in these Operating Terms have the meanings set forth in the Platform Terms.

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1. Access to developer services.

The Robotic Operating Services are part of the Services made available to you under the Platform Terms and subject to the same restrictions as other Services. Additionally, your right to use the Robotic Operating Services is subject to the terms and conditions of these Operating Terms.

2. Your equipment.

You may only use Robotic Operating Services to control or otherwise interact with robotics and other computing equipment that are owned or properly licensed by you (“YourEquipment”). You are solely responsible for Your Equipment, including for providing, maintaining, and ensuring the proper operation of all Your Equipment used in connection with the Robotic Operating Services. You may only use Your Equipment in connection with the Robotic Operating Services that meet all requirements stated in the Documentation.

3. Testing & evaluation deployments.

Your Order Form with Intrinsic may limit your rights to Robotic Operating Services for a given number of deployments to only Testing and Evaluation. “Testing and Evaluation” means a robotic deployment that is used exclusively for testing and troubleshooting Developer Applications and is not used in connection with processing, manipulating, or creating products or contributing to your or your End Customer’s commercial operations.

4. Safety obligations.

You will develop, implement and maintain appropriate written policies or procedures to prevent harm to any individual or property that may arise when using any Robotic Operating Services. You will ensure that, at a minimum, you: (a) detect and address foreseeable risks of injury or damage that may arise from use of the Robotic Operating Services, including testing at key points with the Your Equipment; (b) detect and respond to malfunctions, erratic behavior, or any security or safety incidents arising from use of the Robotic Operating Services; (c) regularly assess, update, and revise your policies and procedures as necessary, including in light of changes to the Operating environment, Your Equipment or any prior incidents; (d) ensure that any third parties interacting with or in the vicinity of the Your Equipment are adequately informed of its operation and any associated risks; and (e) ensure that only authorized personnel are allowed to access and use Robotic Operating Services. You must provide adequate training to any personnel who will use the Robotic Operating Services and periodically assess compliance with your policies and procedures.

5. High-risk environments and systems.

You acknowledge that the Robotic Operating Services are not designed or intended for use in connection with high-risk environments or systems. Accordingly, you may not use the Robotic Operating Services in connection with nuclear facilities, aircraft navigation or communication systems, air traffic control systems, weapons systems or any other systems or environments that carry heightened risks of death, personal injury, environmental damage, or property or financial loss.

6. Online dependencies.

You must permit Your Equipment used in connection with the Robotic Operating Services to periodically communicate with Intrinsic’s online Robotic Operating Services. We may conduct such periodic check-ins to determine whether the Software and Robotic Operating Services remain up to date, to confirm your Membership Level and other account details and to otherwise confirm your compliance with the Terms. It is your responsibility to ensure that your Your Equipment has the necessary Internet access to enable the required check-ins. Intrinsic may suspend the Robotic Operating Services to Your Equipment or the Robotic Operating Services may otherwise cease to operate on Your Equipment if the Your Equipment has not successfully performed a check-in within the time period specified in the Documentation.