Our holistic platform

Build solutions in the cloud, seamlessly deploy to real hardware and run reliably in production.

Diagram, showing how Intrinsic's platform powers the entire solution lifecycle – from solution development, to solutions in production.
Looking through the glass fence of a robotic work cell, we see two team members looking at a laptop.
Technical diagram, showing the architecture and different components of Intrinsic's software platform.
A team member looks at a monitor with the K9s terminal UI to manage Kubernetes clusters.

Intrinsic OS

Host solutions with containerized workloads

IntrinsicOS powers your solution both virtually and on real hardware, utilizing the same software stack to provide a consistent experience. As a Linux-based operating system, IntrinsicOS executes Kubernetes containerized applications and is optimized to run solutions securely and reliably in production.

A team member looks at a monitor with a dashboard analysis of compute resources.

Intrinsic cloud services

Build and deploy with flexible cloud services

Start building your robotic solutions quickly and securely. Our cloud services provide authentication, encryption, ML pipelines, and data management features, helping you expedite the development and deployment of your solutions. Once deployed, use the cloud to remotely monitor, maintain and troubleshoot your solutions.

A close-up of the robot oscilloscope interface in Intrinsic Flowstate.

Intrinsic control framework

Real-time and extensible control framework

Execute robot motion and sensor-based control in real-time using our built-in control framework. Our framework supports both simulated and real environments, and is compatible with different hardware (robots, sensors, grippers, etc.). You can also integrate new hardware and create custom actions.

Two solution builders are leaning into a robotic work cell to change the end-of-arm tooling on a collaborative robot.

Run in production

Commission your equipment and operate with HMIs

Deploy your solution on real hardware by installing an industrial PC, specially configured to run IntrinsicOS. This IPC will connect to your equipment (robots, PLCs, etc.) and communicate with shop floor IT (e.g. MES) through different interfaces (e.g. OPC UA) to enable your solution. Control solutions in production by configuring and using custom-built HMIs.