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We're giving selected developers early access to the beta version of Flowstate, our web-based developer experience to build robotic solutions from concept to deployment.
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Reimagine the
potential of robotics

We’re making industrial robotics accessible and usable for millions more businesses, entrepreneurs and developers

Controlling a robot with a teach pendant


Robots are hard to use, even for experts

Robots are incredible productivity tools, yet they are expensive, complicated, and made for expert users. The resources and skills required to create with robots present an impossibly high barrier to entry for most businesses and people. Millions of businesses and people around the world don’t have access to these robots to work, build, and do things. But what if they did?
Robot programming with an intuitive UI


What if they were intuitive to program and teach?

We see a future where more makers, manufacturers, designers, and engineers can use robots to do things they couldn’t before, or never even dreamt of in the first place. We see robots becoming more familiar, usable, and dependable tools for people in their work and lives.

An intelligent platform for industrial robotics

To bring intelligent software to the field of robotics – we believe in the need for a holistic platform. One that makes it more seamless to use different types of hardware and software together, helps connect businesses who need solutions to those who can design them, and connects everyone in the automation ecosystem today, while expanding it for new players.

We're building a platform for the next generation of robotics developers.

Aside from empowering today’s robotics experts, we want to improve access to robotics for software developers – a gigantic, yet untapped talent pool.

We’re making advanced robotics and AI more accessible

AI is a powerful multiplier in robot perception and actuation; but so far, it has been very challenging and expensive to source, staff, and operationalize such systems. Reusable skills will provide a way for experts to encode their domain knowledge into reusable modules.

We’re making hardware more interoperable

We will offer a hardware-abstracted approach to development, primarily through our real-time control framework. We are betting on open interfaces and established industry standards to make our platform extensible and compatible with a wide range of robots, sensors, and automation equipment.

We’re helping developers focus on the solution

The industry today lacks a scalable and secure platform to deploy complex robotics systems. Intrinsic aims to help solve a big part of this puzzle with containerized workloads and orchestration with Kubernetes.

Intrinsic Flowstate

We're introducing Flowstate – an intuitive, web-based developer experience to facilitate robotic solution design from concept to deployment. Currently in beta, Flowstate will bring the best of the Intrinsic platform to developers who build robotics solutions.

By offering ways to author a sequence and lay out your workcell in the same digital environment – Flowstate makes it possible to iterate rapidly without ever switching tools. A user can stay within a single experience, whether they are working in the cloud or on-premise, and easily transition between the two. Users will be able to simulate and validate solutions – all without touching a single piece of hardware. Finally, a graphical process builder removes the need for extensive programming experience. Developers can add, edit and reuse their custom skills, or utilize Intrinsic's catalog of pre-loaded skills for faster solution building. Learn more about our beta for Flowstate.

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