Watch our highlight reel

This year was the largest Automate Show on record, with more than 35,000 attendees and 800 exhibitors. Watch our highlight reel to get a glimpse of our exhibits at Automate 2024.

Watch Intrinsic's keynote

On Thursday May 9th, Wendy Tan White, Intrinsic’s CEO and Torsten Kroeger, Intrinsic’s CSO gave a keynote titled, "Realizing the value of AI in industrial automation". You can watch the recording below.



Intrinsic Flowstate

From design to deployment, Intrinsic Flowstate is our all-in-one developer environment for building production-grade automation solutions. At our booth, visitors learned how to design and build a quick solution with Intrinsic Flowstate, from simulation to deployment – on a real work cell. They were able to program the robot to detect a printed circuit board coaster, pick it, and drop it in a chute – taking it home as a small gift.



Intrinsic solution for smart picking

We also showcased a smart picking solution – powered by IntrinsicOS, optimized to run securely and reliably in production. Intrinsic's intelligent perception, motion planning and sensor-based control capabilities are combined to deliver an adaptive, high performance solution.


Building dexterous embodied AI: A collaboration between Intrinsic and Google DeepMind

Vikas Sindwani, Research Scientist at Google DeepMind and Stefan Schaal, Intrinsic

Vikas and Stefan presented Google DeepMind's collaboration with Intrinsic.

Panel: How ease-of-use automation is empowering industries

Brian Gerkey, CTO, Intrinsic

Brian joined a panel of experts to delve into the latest advancements in automation and robotics, showcasing how simplified interfaces and intuitive designs are making powerful solutions easier, faster, and cheaper to deploy. Panelists included:

  • Stephanie Cannon, Pitney Bowes
  • Etienne Lacroix, Vention
  • Brian Gerkey, Intrinsic
  • Stephanie Cannon, SVP, Operations Excellence & Collaborative Innovation, Pitney Bowes

Automating Smart Pick-and-Place with NVIDIA Isaac Manipulator and Intrinsic

Torsten Kroeger, CSO, Intrinsic and Adithya Murali, Senior Research Scientist, NVIDIA

We demonstrated the system on a challenging smart pick-and-place application: a robot grasping metallic parts in a cluttered bin and singulating them at precise placement poses. These thin metal sheet objects are difficult to perceive because commodity depth cameras struggle with specular surfaces. They are also difficult to manipulate because suction grippers rather than fingers, are needed for grasping.

The Power of Automation: Collaboration between Comau and Intrinsic

Alejandro Alvarez, Business Development Manager, North America, Comau and Alessandro Piscioneri, Head of Products and Solutions Management, Comau

Global leader in industrial automation, is spearheading the Power of Automation with new digital-driven, advanced robotic and powerful AI-backed solutions, which it will unveil at Automate. With more than 50 years of experience in automotive, one of the most complex realities in terms of processes, cycle times, flexibility requirements and technology rates, Comau is in a prime position to meet the growing demand for sustainable automation, particularly in emerging sectors that previously lacked automation. To this end, Comau will underscore its plans in the next generation of automation solutions and how the collaboration with Intrinsic can help make the next generation of robotics significantly more accessible for companies of all sizes and across all industries, using the example of the prototype built together with Intrinsic.

ROS Meetup at Automate

Intrinsic sponsored a meetup for Robot Operating System (ROS) users and robot wranglers: it was evening of networking, swapping stories, and talking shop about open source software and robotics. ROS is all about sharing, and with so many roboticists visiting Chicago we wanted to hold a ROS event so windy city roboticists could meet their visiting counterparts! It has been ten years since ROSCon Chicago so we're long overdue for another ROS event!

Keynote: Realizing the Value of AI in Industrial Automation

Wendy Tan White, CEO, Intrinsic and Torsten Kroeger, CSO, Intrinsic

The biggest robotics shift in the 21st century will be AI-driven. Machine learning, training with synthetic data, foundation models, automated computer vision, adaptive applications, data management and infrastructure will accelerate innovation in the coming decades. In industrial manufacturing, robots are incredible tools but remain costly and complex to program and reprogram—even for today’s experts. With historical barriers to entry like deep domain expertise and specialized skill sets required for programming, these incredibly valuable systems have rarely made sense—economically or operationally—for the vast majority of businesses. With the ubiquitous rise of AI, the potential for innovation and growth across entire industries is being reimagined. 

Introduction to ROS

Kat Scott, Developer Relations Engineer at Intrinsic

Kat Scott gave a lightning talk, introducing ROS, the ROS community and ROS integrations with Flowstate.

ROS-Industrial: From Open-Source Repositories to Applications on the Floor

Matt Robinson, Program Manager, ROS-Industrial Consortium Americas

Matt Robinson from the Southwest Research Institute gave a lightning talk on ROS industrial.