Tully Foote is the Open Source Lead at Intrinsic. Intrinsic aims to unlock the creative and economic potential of industrial robotics for businesses, entrepreneurs, and developers by making industrial robots easier to use and train. Intrinsic became an Alphabet “Other Bet” in July 2021. At Intrinsic he is coordinating internal open source development as well as working with external partnerships.

Tully joined Intrinsic in 2023 from Open Robotics. He has been a ROS (Robotics Operating System) core developer since 2008 when it was initially developed at Willow Garage. Through his various roles Tully has focused on developing the greater ROS community, ranging from organizing events, developing and maintaining web services, to being the co-inventor of the TurtleBot learning platform.

Prior to working on ROS Tully worked on autonomous cars in all three DARPA Grand Challenge races while an undergraduate at Caltech and during his masters at University of Pennsylvania.